Occupational Health Psychology Services

Why Us ?

We have been providing Occupational Health psychology services for our clients upwards of 10 years. We specialise in psychology services for employees in executive postions in your company. Mainly we work with people who are underperforming or off work due to stress related issues. When we get to see them they are often very depressed and see themselves as failures. Our job is to pick them up, bring up their mood, reduce their anxiety and stress levels and get them back to work. Then we go one step further. We coach them so that they don’t go through the experience again. We help them consider the workplace situations that led to their stress and help them make a series of significant changes to their working style. All of benifit to them and to their employers. The company has a strong leader back at the helm. The leader has a sustainable way of working that means they are highly unlikely to experience the same levels of stress at work again.

Our Proof ?

Being psychologists, we evidence-base our work. The following figures refer to the past 4 years with one of our clients:

  • 88% staff off sick with stress or similar issues at point of referral successfully returned to work and are doing well in their role. The other 12% no longer work with the organisation.
  • Outcome studies show that over 96% of staff referred showed an improvement in their mental health at the end of therapy/coaching and levels of stress, anxiety and mood of 85% of staff was within the “normal” range.

A selection of our customers …

What We Do


Psychological Assessments and Reports

We undertake comprehensive psychological assessments for employees and provide reports detailing our findings including history, diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations.

Psychological Therapy

We provide psychological therapy to target the specific issues the employee is having difficulties with. If the employee is off work, we address the reasons for their absence and set realistic goals for their return.

If the employee is currently working, we help to keep them at work through helping them better manage their current difficulties. This may include liaising with Occupational Health to allow for reasonable adjustments while the employee is in therapy.

Return To Work

We work alongside Occupational Health, Human Resources and management to help employees make a safe return to work after a time off with a psychological issue. We advise on best practice with regards to easing an employee back into the workplace including reasonable adjustments. We also continue to work therapeutically with employees after their return to work in order to reduce the risk of relapse.

What types of referrals do we take?

The majority of staff we see are in senior positions in your organisation. The types of problems we help staff manage are:

  • Workload issues, where a member of staff has become overloaded, taking work home with them, never switching off, becoming increasingly stressed and ultimately displaying a dramatic fall in their performance. Consequences are potential burn-out with severe impact on the ability of the directorate to deliver services where affected staff are in senior or other key positions.
  • A combination of work pressures and home circumstances leading to a drop in mood and significant stress.
  • Management of mental health issues such as anxiety disorder or obsessional compulsive disorder that regularly impact on staff’s ability to work effectively in their role.
  • Staff going through or who have gone through a disciplinary process, particularly where the disciplinary has led to a demotion or redeployment. Also, other staff involved in the disciplinary, e.g. those who have been asked to make statements.
  • Staff going through a grievance process, particularly those who are continuing to work with colleagues involved in the grievance.
  • Staff affected by the suicide of a colleague.
  • Staff at risk of suicide or self harm or who have tried to kill or otherwise harm themselves.
  • Conflict management and performance management.

Who we do not see

  • We are not a 6 session intervention counselling service such as might be provided by your EAP service. We therefore would not generally see people who need someone to talk to about a single issue or a relatively non-complex situation.
  • We would generally not offer support for staff affected by multiple traumas though we would support staff affected by single trauma situations such as an unexpected death in the workplace.
  • Staff with drug or alcohol issues where this is the primary issue of concern.
  • Staff who require mediation services.

We also provide consultative support for managers with regards to any issues with staff and will provide a psychological assessment of staff for Occupational Health purposes.

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