Human Resources Support

Colin Matthews, the owner of Erko Psychology, is a trusted advisor for many organisations with regards to employee and organisational issues.

He is a qualified psychologist, specialising in the organisational, coaching and clinical psychology domains.

He has:

  • Extensive knowledge of the corporate world across a range of industries, occupations, countries and cultures. 
  • Excellent knowledge of the current issues facing Human Resources and Occupational Health staff 


    Colin can provide:

    • Expert psychological reports for staff absence/sickness – including diagnosis, recommendations, return to work plans, reasonable adjustments.
    • Advice to HR on a range of employee issues such as managing difficult conversations, change management, stress management, leadership development, communications, redundancy conversations, sickness absence, return to work, workplace and role adjustments etc.
    • On site attendance and/or advice on supporting staff after critical incident (e.g. sudden death of employee, terrorist attack).
    • Education of non-clinical staff in signs of common mental illness.
    • Bespoke support and advice for leaders managing staff with psychological issues.
    • Coaching & therapy for staff.

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