Critical Incident Management

ERKO Psychology provide experienced psychologists and counsellors to support your organisation during or after a serious or traumatic incident which has the potential to adversely effect staff within your organisation.

Our psychologists support organisations including major banks, police and ambulance services with the following potentially traumatic situations:

• terrorist activities
• assaults on staff
• threats to staff (face to face, telephone, emails etc.)
• armed robbery
• death in custody
• sudden death (not witnessed)
• sudden death (witnessed)
• suicide (not witnessed)
• suicide (witnessed)
• redundancy
• redeployment

We employ best practice principles to dealing with traumatic experiences and can provide the following services:

• attendance on site during or after an event for assessment and brief counselling support
• follow up contacts over 4 week period to support and assess affected staff
• individual and team assessments
• individual and group incident debrief
• education for managers on impact, signs and management of trauma in staff
• face to face or telephone support as necessary for management and staff
• grief counselling
• stress management
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder assessment and treatment
• Adjustment Disorder assessment and treatment

Please contact Erko Psychology for further details.