Occupational Health Psychology Services

Erko Psychology provides psychology support to Occupational Health Departments as follows:

Psychological Assessments and Reports

We undertake comprehensive psychological assessments for employees and provide reports detailing our findings including history, diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations.

Psychological Therapy

We provide psychological therapy to target the specific issues the employee is having difficulties with. If the employee is off work, we address the reasons for their absence and set realistic goals for their return.

If the employee is currently working, we help to keep them at work through helping them better manage their current difficulties. This may include liaising with Occupational Health to allow for reasonable adjustments while the employee is in therapy.

Return To Work

We work alongside Occupational Health, Human Resources and management to help employees make a safe return to work after a time off with a psychological issue. We advise on best practice with regards to easing an employee back into the workplace including reasonable adjustments. We also continue to work therapeutically with employees after their return to work in order to reduce the risk of relapse.

We provide regular reports during therapy to Occupational Health detailing progress and recommendations. We also coach employees to recognise stress in the workplace and give them strategies to manage it better.


Our current clients include Dorset Police, RNLI, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Christchurch Hospital and Poole Hospital. We also work with employees from JP Morgan and Barclays.