As human beings, we generally understand ourselves, the world (culturally, spiritually) and other people in a reasonably consistent way. We can cope with challenges to our understanding and modify our beliefs appropriately through. There will be events in our lives, however, which will fundamentally shatter our beliefs and make us question almost everything we believed up to that point including our very reasons for living.

When we fundamentally doubt the very essence of who we thought we are or how we understood the world around us, we can be said to be in existential crisis. Until we begin to make sense of what has happened and incorporate it into a new way of seeing the world, we are likely to find it difficult to function or even to consider a time in the future where we could feel happy again.

Sometimes, we create fragility for ourselves. We might do something or live with having done something that we are (reasonably or unreasonably) ashamed of and wish to keep it secret from even (or especially) those close to us. We live in fear of people finding out and, when it does, we cannot live with the shame.

Erko Psychology has worked with many people in crisis. While each of us responds to situations in different ways, it is possible for any one of us, given the right (or wrong) circumstances, to reach a point of despair and to question the point of going on. There are however ways forward. The reason you might be looking at this website and this page in particular is that you (or someone you know) are in despair but still have some hope for the future. The Samaritans number is on this page for people who need immediate help and support or you can present yourself at your nearest hospital emergency department.

Alternatively, with a view to talking over your situation in therapy, please contact Erko Psychology.